Jerry Hat Trick (jerryhatttrick) wrote in moorethanlies,
Jerry Hat Trick
moorethanlies making you sick?

For far too long, liberals, even some who are funny for a living, have thought themselves to be "The Keepers of the Satirical Flame(tm)." Well, think again, you Left you. seeks to balance the barrage of Liberal-leaning satire by taking direct aim at the subtle money-plucking efforts of, which some cynics believe might actually be a devious Democratic loophole meant to slither around campaign reform laws. Hmmm... will go where no satirical site has gone before with such multimedia offerings as...

- A Sneak peak at Michael Moore's new autobiographical documentary, "I Am Not An Asshole: The Michael Moore Story."

- Really, Really, Hateful Anti-Bush Hate Commercials from's "Bushwhacked In 30 Seconds" contest.

- Help find an Air America radio signal without parking in the station's parking lot. "The Fun Is In Trying To Find Us!"

- Regular updates on which Bush Administration member the left thinks should be fired next.

- "How to Have a Kerry for President Party For Under $100,000." (Including Banner and All Paper Products)

- "Why Everything Bad That Has Ever Happened Is the Fault of Donald Rumsfeld"

And lastly, in the best tradition of, will incessantly beg donations so that they will be able to skirt around harsh satirical campaign laws to finance better and more patriotic office parties.

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