A guy named Joe (agriking) wrote in moorethanlies,
A guy named Joe

A Documentary?

ok, if i hear one more person refer to Fahrenheit 9/11 as a documentary, i'm going to start to get very medieval on someone's ass...i mean a documentary?  are they serious?  a documentary on what, how wide the wide angle lens has to be to get Michael Moore in the shot?

if Fahrenheit 9/11 qualifies as a documentary on the Bush administration, then Robin Hood Men in Tights qualifies as a documentary on King Richard the Lion Heart

call the damned thing a comedic satire and be done with it, but DO NOT call it a documentary

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Hear hear! I totally agree! Ugh the man is such an idiot I just wanna cut his throat with a spoon!!! Ok well maybe that's a bit much... you know how it goes...
Blow torch and a pair of pliers - that's a good kind of medieval.