Tekyu (tekyuinajar) wrote in moorethanlies,

Farenhype 9/11

Simply stunning. I checked this out at my video store after the copy I bought had been passed to so many hands before I lost it (before watching it...). The documentary is phenomenal. It's weird after watching this right after viewing Moore's malarkey, the collaborative effort easily peels back his frothing madness and exposes personal faults of Moore's I hadn't entirely realized he frequently exposes.

You can watch the entirety of the film via Youtube, but I would strongly recommend snagging a copy. Even seven years following September 11th, it is invigorating and reassuring to see the well researched and professionally presented evidence. It's a big change from the suffocating hatred and seething madness that Moore's "edutainment" carries with it.

As Bush's presidential career comes to and end, I find myself liking him less than I did when I worked to get him elected, but this reminded me about how much I had to respect him during what Moore tries to bastardize as a grossly inept reaction from an oil-hungry conspirator.
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