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Moore's Web of Lies

Moore is trying to destroy America from within!
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This community is here for people concerned about Michael Moore's liberal propaganda - whether it be in his films or in his books. It is obvious in his books and 'mockumentaries' that he has a dislike for America, and Americans in general. He is trying to press his radical socialism upon all those who listen.

I'm thankful that there are some who do not listen - or if they do, these people know that Moore is a self-hating American who tells lies that should not be listened to by anyone with an IQ higher than that of a dust bunny.

Alas, there are a great many people in America, and the world in general, that think the claptrap that emanates from Moore's mouth is the Word of God. These are the ones that need to be re-educated - and we have to be the ones to do the re-educating.

Use this as a forum for ideas and arguments. All are welcome - even the liberals. For without them, we wouldn't be able to test our arguments on our handy 'lab liberals.'