Reverend Max (lordofdark) wrote in moorethanlies,
Reverend Max

From my friend, marshallbmdaiii

Moore Retarded,,7943-1251114,00.html Moore isn't sumitting F9/11 for Best Documentary but instead Best Picture.

Yeah right Mikey like they'll just hand you the best picture oscar? I don't think so. If the academy stoops to this level then they should pray for their existence in 5 years. A best picture oscar for propaganda and conspiracy theories completely discredits anything the academy has stood for. Besides fewer members of the academy vote for Best Documentary and I believe every single member votes for Best Picture. I think he's got a snowball's chance in hell to win.

Good thing about this is that now his film won't be called Best "documentary" cuz that certainly ain't what it is.
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Ya never know. Since "Creative Shitbox of the year" isn't available, ya get what you can go for.

The fat goes straight to that guy's brain >_